Smart Ideas | Aj Thakker
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Aj Thakker

  • Enthusiastic communications, marketing and organizational generalist with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors; including agriculture, finance, tourism, hospitality, broadcast media, entertainment, and not-for-profit organizations.


  • Over 20 years of professional marketing/communications and project management experience with the ability to clearly see the big picture while getting intimately involved in the final details when necessary.


  • Multi-talented event and experience producer, skilled in articulating key messages in a compelling and original way.


  • Fully versed in the design, development and implementation of integrated marketing/communications strategies and initiatives that are effectively leveraged by innovative events and appropriate media extensions.


  • Award winning multi-media and live program producer with hands-on experience with broadcast-quality video and audio production equipment, including linear and non-linear video editing suites.


  • Internationally recognized by peers and professionals for designing and executing original strategies and tactics that substantially increase brand loyalty and product awareness while enhancing customer or member retention efforts.


  • The recipient of multiple national and international awards (NAB, CAB, CAMA, ACE, IABC, etc).


  • Excellence in Exhibit strategy and execution recognized internationally by Exhibitor Magazine with the “2005 Exhibitor All Star” award.


  • Excellence in Event strategy and execution recognized internationally by Corporate Events Magazine with the “2005 Hospitality Event – Results Tier” award.