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is a small independent digital media production services company headquartered in Regina, SK. We focus on producing original content, project management and professional crew and equipment sourcing for broadcast television, online video and streaming markets in Saskatchewan.

The television and production industry across the country has undergone tremendous change in the past few years resulting in many of the country’s best camera operators, broadcast technicians, directors and producers moving from established long-term positions in local stations to freelance and contract environments with local production companies or equipment rental providers.

Graffiti TV draws upon that pool of experience and skill and provides our clients with the best crew available for any job – corporate videos, commercials, and live streaming multi-day events. We work closely with our corporate clients, producers, agencies and institutions to help define and evaluate their media and messaging needs. And we source or provide the necessary state of the art equipment and highly skilled crews from our network of associates and connections to perfectly fit their project requirements.