Smart Ideas | Equipment
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We’ve got the gear:

NewTek Tricaster Mini HD/SDI
Aja KiPro Recorder and two 512 Gb modules
Black Magic Design 12×12 Clean Video Switch
Black Magic Design MultiView4
Aja Convertors
Aja Synch Generator
Daemon D12x1 MultiView
Daemon HDMI/SDI Cross Convertor
MonoPrice SDi Distribution Amps (DAs) Array
Monoprice SDI-HDMI Convertors
Extreme HDMI 1×4 Spitter
49″ LG UHD TV Monitor (D12 Multiview)
Four 24″ Samsung HD Monitors (Program, Tricaster/Multiview, BMD-MV4)
Two 22″ Dell Monitors (Program/HP PC)
HP Desktop Workstation with full Adobe CC Suite
15″ MacBook Pro
iPad Air 2
Three Sony HXR 5R HD Camcorders
One Sony Z7 HD Camcorder
Three carbon Fibre Tripods with Fluid Heads and Single Pan/Tilt Arm
Clearcom Intercom (wired) with four belt packs/headsets
One Hero GoPro 4 Action Camera
One DJI Osmo Pro 4K Stabilized Camera
16 Port PoE Gigabyte Network Switch
20 Amp Uninterrupted Power Supply
15 Amp Uninterrupted Power Supply (alt)

Plus cables, cords, adapters and everything else all packed into a very cool 2016 23′ refurbished EMT Truck/Van. (Yes it’s an old ambulance with ambiance- but ‘we ain’t afraid of no ghosts.’)

Graffiti TV can quickly and efficiently hook you up with the professional equipment and trained operators to meet your project’s timeline and budget. For projects that require more than a 1 or 2- person crew (operator and assistant), we recommend the addition of a Line Producer to ensure that your project is our priority.