Smart Ideas | Sara Alexander
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Sara Alexander

Sara’s varied career has seen her helping develop a line of automotive shop furniture, marketing the first IP phone, branding meat snacks, raising venture capital in high tech, marketing design tools for embedded systems, selling software and managing intellectual property.  Her 22 years of marketing, investor relations, stakeholder management and communications have taken her from Canada to the US, to Europe, and back again.  During that time she’s written over 20 business plans, and helped raise over $100M.

She’s a whiz with all things ‘social’, drinks the digital coffee and has consulted for numerous clients on everything from product launches, rebranding, boosting profitability, extending product lines, communicating better, and getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

In the process, Sara has produced events & managed client’s needs for shows big and small – auto shows in Las Vegas, IT shows in London, pan-Canadian food exhibitions and international scientific symposia.

Sara works with clients from objective onwards.  What do you want to accomplish? Let’s get started.