Smart Ideas | Nicola Goosen-Davila
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Nicola Goosen-Davila

Nicola Goosen-Davila, recently the Manager of Event Development of Ag-West Bio Inc.

Nicola left Ag-West Bio to have her second child but is keen to return to the industry and working from home with Smart Ideas was an obvious solution. Nicola is a leader in on-site attendee logistics, trade show management, registrations, etc. Nicola has vast experience working on large and small events with the agriculture and biosciences community and the Tourism Saskatoon team and formed part of the organizing committee for the 14th International Rapeseed Congress held in 2015 and  was a key organizer for the 2016 Global Institute of Food Security Inaugural International conference.

Nicola is familiar with all areas of event development and planning from booking the venue and hotel room blocks; arranging catering and social events; organizing poster sessions and trade shows; selecting and booking entertainment; speaker, sponsor and delegate correspondence; assisting with letters of invitations for delegate travel visas, arranging air travel, ground transportation and tours; setting up and managing online registration site; arranging print materials and conference promotional items; participating in committee meetings; and onsite logistics and management.

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