Smart Ideas | Our Team
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Our Team

Graffiti TV Media Creators

Alchemist and Lead Producer, Aj Thakker has an established track record of innovative programming and award-winning live event production. Aj focuses on creating and delivering out-of-the-box strategies that benefit our clients, our reputation and our distribution partners’ brand. His commitment to innovation and exceptional work ethic ensure that every idea is a smart idea.

Creative Director, Danielle Austinhas a Bachelor in Communication Design from the Emily Carr University and a Bachelor in Film Production from the University of Regina. As a multi-disciplinary creative professional with more than ten years of experience, Danielle has worked for a broad range of clients including Johnson and Johnson, Volvo, Nokia, Le Chateau, the Smithsonian Channel and Showtime. She is a passionate visual storyteller with a keen sense of composition, specializing in brand identity development, art direction, and moving image creation. She thrives on strategic problem-solving, creating strikingly innovative work. Moda Studios 

In Regina and area, Grant Glasser is Graffiti TV’s DOP/Videographer and primary content creator. Grant has 20 year of experience in the television and film industries. Skilled in many production environments and shooting styles, he can facilitate the various needs of production, and ultimately the client. Grant has experience operating many different cameras as well as lighting and camera support. (Jibs, sliders, tripods etc.) He attended University of Regina and completed a BFA in Film production. (

In Saskatoon and area, our lead content creator is Matt Garard, though we also work with a large pool of additional freelancers as necessary. Matt is a very professional and personable camera operator  and editor. He has been in the media industry for more than a decade and has operated camera for various companies and media networks. He is the owner of Timeverve Media Inc., ( where he freelances as a videographer for companies like CBC News Saskatoon and Sportsnet. Having worked on national documentaries as well as countless local community programing and corporate videos, Matt pays great attention to detail and knows what to capture to convey a story.

We can also connect you to any number of additional shooters, directors, PAs and other production personnel across the three prairie provinces as requested.